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Employee Surveying

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We have more than a decades experience in providing complete research solutions.

  • Working with you to understand the need and determine the best approach
  • Research design, planning and project management
  • Question inventory design
  • Questionnaire design
  • Multilingual translations
  • Layout and printing of materials
  • Design and hosting of electronic surveys
  • Outbound distribution (including collation if needed)
  • International reply mailing services
  • Data entry (manual or optomechanical)
  • Data analysis
  • Report writing
  • Report distribution via secure control panels or bound reports
  • Explanation and neutral, honest interpretation of the results

We only carry out organisational research and so can specialise in innovative approaches to people measurement, developing new tools or improving existing ones. This specialism means that we are impartial and not trying to 'sell on' other products or interventions.

We can help by auditing current organisational research methods, designing and carrying out a survey or helping you use survey data you already have. Some clients simply ask us to make their employee information clearer and easier to use.

Research can range from face to face interviewing of individuals or small groups to global attitude surveys. We are equipped to handle any sample size, from just a few people to tens of thousands. Every piece of research is bespoke and it culminates in our working with you to establish the best way to approach any issues raised.

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We are equipped to handle any sample size, from just a few people to tens of thousands. 

We specialise in innovative approaches to people measurement

Career Insight is our online system for surveying, collating and presenting continuous employee opinion data.