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About George Naylor

George’s academic background is in Organisational Behaviour and in the methods of employee investigation, statistics and data management/manipulation. He is now a very experienced practitioner in the field of organisational research with more than 20 years’ experience of question inventory design, data analysis and feedback report writing.

He became an independent consultant in 1997. He now specialises in innovative ways of researching organisational issues, designing and executing ground breaking research solutions for clients around the world.  Whilst being technically proficient George is able to put himself in employees’ shoes, ensuring that research encourages participation and buy-in from all concerned.

He has over the years worked with GlaxoWellcome, Boehringer Ingelheim, Standard Life, Microsoft, Hasbro, JD Wetherspoon, Square Enix and Nestlé Global. George’s focus is on establishing insights for clients, working a great deal in the field of employee engagement and the understanding of commitment and energy in people's careers.

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"I have 20+ years’ experience of question inventory design, data analysis and survey report writing"

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