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george naylor associates is developing a low cost, online, pay as you use 360º multi-rater feedback tool. From the outset, the tool is being made available on a 'cost per participant basis', with no up front management or sign up charge. This makes it incredible value for money and very flexible in use.

Primarily, but not exclusively, aimed at consultancies who will typically use the tool to work with their clients, the tool hands control of nearly all elements of the 360º over to a designated survey administrator, in either the consultancy or an experienced HR department.

After logging into the system, such things as the number and title of competencies and the number and type of questions (likert scale or freetext) are very easily set. Most aspects of the survey are automated, so the administrator simply gets things started, monitors and then accesses and prints reports when the survey has run.

The system tracks responses, and sends reminders and progress reports are available in real time. The emailing of invitations to take part and reminder emails etc can be manually overridden in the event of a late addition for instance. There are no limits to the number of surveys which can be run simultaneously and reports are personalised for each participant and client branded. The system runs from an innocuous secure web domain so the clients’ branding is always prominent.

"The beauty of the 360º system is that you are 100% in control, it appears to be your system. You run surveys when you need them, with your competencies and questions, outputting very professional, branded, personalised reports"

George W. Naylor MD
george naylor associates ltd

Reports have easy to follow charts and full colour graphs as well as freetext narratives supplied by the participants in answer to any free text questions. These help the consultant or manager understand, and effectively use the information to steer improvement.

george naylor associates are currently growing a library of report types to choose from, or providing sufficient numbers of participants are guaranteed, they will build tailored reports, specifically for your intended purpose – often free of charge.

To receive a free sample login to try the product for free, find out about scaled pricing and other discounts for existing clients, get in touch.

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